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Once upon a time, I had a young Australian friend with a big imagination and a head full of delightful stories. This story was short…very short…. perhaps not a story at all, but a seed of an idea that planted itself in my mind.
My friend’s story was this: in Australia there exists a creature called a “pocket pup”, a dog so small that it fits in the palm of your hand. Could this be true? Did it matter? My story-telling friend was 7 years old after all, from Australia, and an expert in all things Down Under as far as I was concerned!

That was some years ago now, but I am still thinking small…small animals that fit in the palm of your hand, small carbon footprints, and using local resources from my small corner of the world.
So kick back with a kit and a friend (big or small) and stitch awhile. When you finish your kit you will have a personal pet in the palm of your hand to carry wherever you travel — domestically or Down Under!

About: Cynthia Treen

Where did it begin, this obsession with fabric? Was it the soft smooth satin binding of my childhood blanket?  Perhaps it was the feeling of our silver velvet couch beneath my young toes. It is hard to say precisely, but my memories of fabric are some of the most vivid I can recall. Ultimately textiles have laid down a path for me, which I have explored happily and will continue to discover through travel, product development and design into the future.

I love a good long project, months of slow hand stitching, intricate appliqué and embroidery are like meditation for me. That said however, I am a big fan of the last minute gift! To make a little something that can be completed in an afternoon or evening, a little something that will bring big smiles to little faces. What could be better than that?

What I love most about threadfollower kits is that I can see the joy I felt as a child lighting up in the eyes of the people who discover them no matter what their age. Sharing that magic is what this is all about for me!

Book: Last Minute Fabric Gifts (2006)



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